Monday, October 18, 2010

Bodybugg Weight / Day off / First Cheat in 3 weeks

          Sunday (yesterday) was my Day off. A total Diet Break and a cheat meal. Notice I said cheat meal NOT cheat day!  It was a nice relaxation. No workout, to give my muscles some quality healing time. I ate healthy foods all day (except my cheat meal :p), keeping my intake at maintenance calories or below. It is important when allowing yourself to enjoy a Cheat meal especially when combined with a day off in which you don't get your hardcore workout in, to maintain the proper amount of protein for the day. Which for me is around 1g of Protein per pound of Lean Body Mass. Also don't allow yourself to go over your maintenance calories for the day. After all we don't want to gain weight, this is just a day break from busting our ass to loose it, According to some of the research I have read, a day of eating at the Maintenance level can give your metabolism a boost. We shall see, I am considering the next three weeks as well as this last week my initial 4 week sample.  Everyone's body is different, so If I log everything I do and the results I get from them, I should have my basic ground work mapped out and I can tweak my plan as I go to continue improving my body. Of course for my Cheat, which I know your dieing to hear about, unless you follow me on Twitter then you knew about it right away! A Milky Way Bar and boy was it good! It is actually the first cheat I have allowed myself in three weeks, It was worth the wait! In fact I enjoyed it more because of the wait... because their was nothing to feel guilty about, an that made it perfect.

          Well today (Monday) was my official one week using the bodybugg and I had to weigh in today. Gained 1.1 pound LOL! Oh well I busted my ass last week, I may have put on some muscle but am certainly retaining some water. My visitor should be stopping in any day now :( boooo. My legs feel firmer and I definitely am building some stamina during my work outs. My lung capacity is better then it has been in years... Thanks to kicking that tobacco habit!  I have nothing to be upset about, so I won't be upset LOL.  The Bodybugg online program won't allow me to recalculate body fat % more then 2x a month, which I guess makes sense but I kinda wanna sneak peek! Oh well I will wait... So one more week till I get to give the true good news.

          Oh as an End note... I will be taking New Pictures Monthy! Now That is really something to look forward to.

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  1. Hey! How fab! You are officially the only blog I follow as of now! :)